Diamond Retailers: Fundamental Facts Every Private Diamond Seller Must Know

Selling a diamond ring is a complex process. You have to know and get familiar with how the industry works. By learning the fundamentals, you can avoid getting scammed or rigged. Plus, you’ll get to know the right value of the diamond ring.

One of the most common questions that beginners would ask when selling a diamond is where to sell a precious stone safely. There are three diamond selling options; these include, going to a diamond auction house, a wholesaler, and a retailer. But among these selections, the best choice is selling diamonds to a retailer.

Why you should sell a diamond ring to a retailer? To find out more about it, learn the basics of diamond retailers below.

Diamond Retailers as Brick and Mortar Store

Every diamond retailer is a brick and mortar store in this industry. Hence, they possess or lease retail shops and own factory production facilities, as well as warehouse operations. In a nutshell, a diamond retailer is a physical store where you can buy and sell diamonds.

Aside from diamonds, these retailers also buy precious stones from private sellers. For example, if your diamond ring has other valuable stone embellishments, the store will pay for it. Likewise, they also accept other pieces of jewelry besides rings, such as diamond necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

It is easy to look for diamond retailers because they have a physical store in cities. Additionally, conducting business with a diamond retailer is easier and faster compared to selling it to a wholesaler, since diamond retailer buys precious stones from wholesalers as well.

A Good Diamond Selling Option for Quick Earning

As you have read from above, wholesalers sell diamonds in bulk to a retailer. In simple terms, wholesalers also supply diamonds to retailers, and the latter sells it as jewelry.

Consequently, selling diamonds to a retailer is a better option. As you can read from this post on selling a diamond ring, retailers can immediately find a buyer for your diamond. There are no long periods of waiting.

Moreover, diamond retailers do not buy diamonds at average prices, unlike wholesalers who do. They will pay for your stone according to its grading.

Free Diamond Assessment Service for Every Private Seller

Diamond retailers, either small or large companies, have resident Gemologists. They conduct a free appraisal of diamonds to assure their grading and value. Most retailers perform such assessments to diamonds without GIA certification. Through this service, both the buyer and the seller can expect a fair market. 

Accessible Online

Because of the widespread use of the internet and computers, most diamond retailers operate online. You can access their store through their website. With this, you don’t have to visit the store to ask questions regarding their services. Also, you can get a free quote on their website.

No Hassle Payment Methods

Selling diamonds at a retail store has no complex payment methods. They will wire the money you earned through payment options available in their store. In some diamond retailers, the payment process only takes a few days.

More Advice

Take note that there are countless diamond retailers in the market. Make sure to choose one that has great experience and expertise in this industry. Find a diamond retailer that is reliable and values transparency.

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